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Here’s How To Treat Your Clients And Prospective Customers Right

Our brand new book – When’s The Right Time To Sell My Business? – is the perfect gift for moving your top prospects closer to being ready to hire you to help them sell their businesses.

In this new bestseller, your clients and top prospects are given a roadmap for getting on the path toward a highly successful transaction. The book motivates business owners to take action now, and clearly communicates the strong benefits of working closely with a professional advisory team.

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After facilitating dozens of business sales over the past thirty years, Richard Mowrey has developed the reputation for being the easiest advisor to work with on complex valuation and ownership transfer projects.

Richard employes an “easy-to-understand” approach when educating business owners, investment bankers, business appraisers, or financial planners during his live and interactive workshops.

Through his “hands on” approach, Richard can help you better understand the complexities of your (or your client’s) business’s financial health. You will discover how to measure how much a business is worth, and the simple strategies for ensuring a smooth transfer of ownership when the opportunity presents itself.

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In his new book, When Is The Right Time To Sell My Business?, Rich Mowrey tackles a decision point that many business owners inevitably find themselves in, but is one that can be difficult, stressful, and full of trepidation.

It is a decision that can bring regrets and questions about timing and planning they never considered, and Mowrey’s objective is to help a business owner sell their business without regrets.

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