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Knowledge to Increase the Value of Your Business

A brief look at the business valuation process from a private business owner's perspective. Learn how valuators assess risk and reward of business ownership. This audio book will familiarize you with the foundation principles of value determination so you can put the knowledge to work in your business.

This is a new, on-target, on-line course that was developed as a companion to the book titled: A Brief Guide to Selling Your Business. This fast-paced, short course directly answers the key seven questions, every business owner develops as they begin the process to prepare their business for sale.

A Live 7 Week Course in which Business Owners learn how to manage with more confidence and less stress while dramatically increasing the value of their business! Discover the powerful principles in the "Value-Creation Decision System" and how to easily implement it in your business.

Digital, Print, and Audio Books

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This #1 International Best Selling Book guides you through the Most Important Decision a Business Owner Will Ever Make.

Sooner or later, as the owner of privately held company, you are going to sell your business. This can be overwhelming as well as confusing. The question is how can you ensure that you receive the best price and terms with the least amount of stress?

Dramatically Increase Your Wealth and Secure Your "Dream Future" by Unlocking the “Real Value” Hidden in Your Business.

Whether you’re looking to attract investors, sell your company, retire in style, or reach a new level of success, maximizing the value of a business should be the heart of all operational and longer-term strategic planning. Learn the factors that improve value and risk?

Step-by-Step Actions to Rebuild a Better, Much More Valuable Business.

This insightful book by business valuation expert and internationally known best-selling author, shows you exactly how to develop the three critical plans to make meaningful, easy, stress-free progress toward personal and business success. Do it for your business! Do it for your community! Do it for your family!

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